Sitting at a desk

Instead of teaching

See how Bushido Dojo Software can reduce the time you spend managing
your dojo, and increase the amount of time you spend teaching your students,
and building your brand.

Trying to keep up

Instead of GROWING

See how Bushido Dojo Software can reduce the time you spend keeping track of existing
clients, their levels and accounts receivable, and spend more time looking to grow your
client bases, and business.

Stay organized to

be in control

of all the important information about your dojo, your members and your finances?
Who owes money, who is up for renewal, upcoming exams, private classes.
See how Bushido Dojo Software can keep you informed about all this
information and much more.

  • Access Anywhere

    With our cloud based solution, manage and access your dojo information from any computer, tablet or telephone that is connected to the internet.

  • No limitations

    Our belief is that you should benefit from all our features, and not have any limitations imposed on you.

  • Simplicity

    Designed with simplicity in mind, the software aims to be as simple and efficient as possible. It should be a tool to help you be more efficient, not be in the way.

  • Security

    Security is our priority in protecting your data. Top of the line security protocols are in place to ensure your data is safe.

Get yourself


Easily manage your student records, contracts, invoices and payments from a single place. Keep track of outstanding invoices, current student levels, schedules, attendances and much more. With the ability to manage multiple disciplines, separate groups, optional classes, passing of levels, and to configure the system to your preferences.

Belt Management

Get warnings when students are ready for their next exam, current belt levels and hours until next belt.


With our built in messaging, easily send emails to your users about upcoming events, cancellations, reminders or other messages.


Benefit from our series of available reports, and more added regularly to help you get the most our of your dojo.

Billing and Point of Sale

Quickly and easily manage your revenue stream with built in recurring invoicing for memberships and a point of sale.

Making things

Simple and Intuitive

for you to get the management of your dojo in order. The less time you spend trying to figure things out, the more productive you can be and take care of the important things in your dojo. With simple and intuitive screens and workflows our solution makes it easy for anyone to make the most efficient use of the software.

Have the information to

Increase Profits

When you have all the information about your students and revenue conveniently accessible, you can make educated decisions about where to cut and where to increase expenses. Knowing which classes are most attendended on a regular basis, you can known how to modify your schedule, increase or reduce the number of employees on given days.

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